Kotak Fortune Maximiser

Kotak Fortune Maximiser


KOTAK Life Insurance

Plan : Kotak Fortune Maximiser

3 Plan Options:

  • Life Goal Maximiser        - Cash Bonus, Paid-Up Additions
  • Bright Future Maximiser - choose the tenure during which, the Cash Bonus will be utilized
  • Golden Years Maximiser - Create a corpus for your retirement, Life Insured turns 60 years, the Cash Value will be payable in lump-sum,


Entry Age:  Mini 90 Days, Maxi 50 / 55 Years

Maturity Age:  85 Years (Primary Life Insurer)

Policy Term: 85 Years

Premium Payment Mode: Single, Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly

Premium Payment Term: 6 /8 / 10 / 12 & 15 years

                   Basic Sum Assured:  Basic Sum Assured shall depend upon the Age, Gender, Policy Term, Premium Payment Term, Premium Amount & Bonus Pay out Options chosen.



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