IndiaFirst CSC Shubhlabh Plan

IndiaFirst CSC Shubhlabh Plan



Plan : CSC Shubhlabh Plan

Life Cover, Safe Investments, Low premium)

The plan will only be available through common service centers  (CSC)




Life Cover :

For entry age below 45 years Regular Premium 10 times Annualized Premium

For entry age of 45 years and above Regular Premium 7 times Annualized Premium


Maturity Benefit: higher of

  • Total premiums paid including top-up premiums paid or
  • Accumulated Account Value


Death Benefit:  higher of

  • Sum Assured or
  • 105% of total premiums paid including top-up premiums, if any paid till the date of death or
  • Total premiums including top-up premiums paid till date of death compounded at 1% p.a. or
  • Account Value



Eligibility :

Minimum Age at entry      :  18 years

Maximum Age at entry      :  55 years

Maximum Age at Maturity :  65 Years

                     Policy Term   :   10 Years & 20 Years

Premium Paying Term     :  10 Years & 20 Years

Premium Payment Mode  :  Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly

Minimum Premium  :  Rs.1, 500 / Yearly

Maximum Premium  :   Rs.20, 000 / Yearly




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